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Rescue A Reef Dive

As part of our Citizen Scientist Program with the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, we’ve partnered with “Rescue a Reef” for hands-on coral reef restoration expeditions. The goal is to install 10 nursery “trees”, embark on six diving expeditions, and outplant more than 1,000 colonies of staghorn coral – and we’re already on the way!

So how exactly do we accomplish this? For starters, RCL employees created 10 nursery “trees” in two hours – a feat that would normally take a whole month and is greatly needed after the damages caused by Hurricane Irma. Additionally, our employees participated in a dive that both helped clean the coral algae and were able to outplant 70 corals to the “Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Reef” – and this is only the beginning!

With five more expeditions still to come, there are many more opportunities to participate in the restoration. Certified Scuba Divers and strong snorkelers may join any half-day expedition to continue the momentum and maintain coral nursery structures. Join us in celebrating our oceans in a dive/snorkel expedition for employees on June 8 and June 23. Scuba divers and strong snorkelers may join a half-day expedition to maintain nursery structures and outplant nursery-grown corals. The June 8, expeditions will depart from Diver’s Paradise on Key Biscayne at 8:00 a.m. Rental scuba and snorkel gear are available free of charge.

To secure your spot, contact Stephanie DeMars . Spots are available first come first serve!

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