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Professonal Website vs DIY Website

While it may just seem like a simple “www…”, what goes in a website behind-the-scenes takes a lot more than you think. So how exactly do you start your own: either it’s a Professional Website vs DIY Website. It is not just about the content, but the design, the SEO keywords, the titles, etc. The way you go about this will set the tone for your website, whether you want it to be about your business, an online profile of your work, or even just a travel website about your stories. A great looking website can go a long way.

Need some help deciding between a Professional Website vs DIY Website? Here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of a website that is created for you and one that is done on your own.

Professional Website

At its core, a professional website is one that is made for you. You meet with an agency and tell them your ideas for your website, and they bring it to life! Sounds easy enough, right? Let’s get real and see what the pros and cons are of having a professional website vs DIY website.


Your website will look legit. Imagine trying to compare a professional drawing and one done by a first grader. Although your child’s may end up on the fridge or even framed, the experienced artist is still the expert. Think of your website the same way.

Sure, you could spend hours trying to create your own website, but when it comes down to it, a professional knows what they are doing. What could take you three hours to figure out how to write the title of a page, a professional would do it in less than five minutes. Using a professional to create your website not only looks good, but makes you and your business or profile seem incredibly legit. Users coming to your website will be immediately impressed by how high-quality your website is. Remember, a website isn’t just a “www…” it’s like your own personal mark on the internet. Make that first impression stick.

Time Effective. Time is money and why waste your money on countless hours trying to create a website from scratch? A well-done, professional website can not only save you time and money, but actually is great for the long-term as well. With a professional on your side, you wouldn’t have to personally manage and update the website. Also, if your website looks incredible and draws users in, you might even be saving money on marketing because of all the customer traffic you have going on.

It really is your website. Having a professional website developer create your website does not mean that the website is no longer yours. In fact, it means the opposite. You get to control exactly how you want your website to look like and what it contains. Good website professionals will offer training sessions so that you can edit your website on your own, if you want.

Professionals also have greater capacity than the basic templates other DIY websites have to offer. With their skill and your vision, you will get your website to be as unique as you are.


How much patience do you have? Since a professional website requires that you are in constant communication with a web designer, you need to ask yourself and think, “Do I have the patience for this?” Unless you suddenly click with the person you’re working with, it can be difficult and frustrating for the constant back and forth of communication to be going on while you’re just trying to get your website up. Additionally, because a professional website will be made from scratch, and made well, it will take some time for your site to be ready. Maybe even more than a month.

Research, Research, Research! This website will become your baby – if it hasn’t already! Let’s face it though, you don’t want to give it to just anybody! You’ve put some thought into your newest project. Not just anyone can have the privilege of bringing it to life. It’ll take time and plenty of research to find a web designer that understands your idea and can make it come to life.

DIY Website

A DIY Website is simply a do-it-yourself website. The kind you make on your couch or work desk while following on online tutorial of how to make a blog post on a cloud-based web development platform. Don’t know if you should use a professional website vs DIY website? Here are the pros and cons of doing it yourself.


You can start from scratch. There are many wonderful feelings someone can have and creating something from scratch is one of them. You’ll feel incredibly accomplished after transforming your ideas into reality. At the end of your website creation, you’ll be able to say you did it! What an awesome feeling!

Inexpensive. Since you’re not paying anyone to do it, creating a DIY website is sometimes cheaper than having it done for you. You usually have to pay for the domain name and any other fee the platform may have. Although it requires more work on your part, it will save you some money.


The Basic Template. Do you really want to have a “basic template”? It really means “the one template everyone else thought was cute too.” You’re unique, why shouldn’t your website be? Don’t follow the crowd!

Ads. Website builders such as Wix have to make their money somehow, even beyond the fees they are already charging you. Unless you’re okay with your website having a another company's banner and favicon, beware that these may come with using DIY website builders. DIY website builders often make you pay for "premium" plans to get these kind of things removed.

Time is Money – and you’re wasting it! Unless you’re a web designer who knows how to customize, you’ll be spending more time learning how to make a DIY website instead of working on your content and business. You probably spent at least a week trying to set up your account when you could’ve used that time wisely doing other projects. Make sure your time is well spent.

Conclusion: Professional Website vs DIY Website

According to, 94% of users tested said that A) their first impression of a business was through the design of their website and B) “people cited web design as the reason they mistrusted or rejected a website. That doesn’t sound too good. Save yourself the trouble and go with a professional.

For help on creating your website, and get your business booming, contact us at (405) 373-6870 or send us a message to jump start your online presence.

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