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5 Thoughts I Had During 'Canes In Color'

On Mar. 24, Hurricane Productions put on ‘Canes in Color’ and brought a paint party to campus as a pretty messy, yet exciting study break. Students got the chance to dance around and get paint thrown at them, and even got to keep the paint-splattered shirt as proof that they endured two hours of fun. Here are a few thoughts as the crowd danced to some EDM hits.

1. The heavy competition against Club Richter. Everyone knows and loves the nights spent at Club Richter but with Canes in Color ACTUALLY throwing a rager right outside its windows, I wonder if anyone got any studying done. Maybe the party goers in Club Richter took a few snapchats about how there was an actual party a few feet away, finally giving the library its rightful name.

2. Is this actual paint? At first, whatever liquid was being thrown at us was more water than anything but as the night progressed, we witnessed some weird stuff on our shirts. What was once liquid looked like colorful little boogers. These small blobs of yellow, orange and pink were kind of gooey and, splattered on arms and legs, made us look like we had colorful snake skin. Whatever it was, it made my hair softer so thank you (I guess?).

3. Give. Me. More. Glow sticks. If there’s one thing I’ve learned here at the University of Miami, it’s to always take as many free things as possible. That being said, HP seriously stocked up the giveaways. Not only were there the usual snow cones they always offer, but there was also free tank tops (ideal for wiping your eyes when weird color boogers got in it), headbands and glow sticks that were enough to make your Snapchat look like a real-life Life in Color.

4. If only more people were here. Although it’s on a Thursday and it’s exam week for many, I could see a lot of people really enjoying this. The music was fantastic, the paint was fun enough to be a great study break and overall, it was a well-planned event. Perhaps if the event was during Spring Carnival or some time where more students don’t have a stressful week, more people could have enjoyed the paint party.

5. Thank goodness we live in Miami. The weather might have been weird this week with cold and hot days all mixed together, but the glory of living in a city like Miami is that we can be soaked in paint at 11 p.m. and it’s not cold. We really did jump around for two hours, not caring about what was going on and enjoying how nice the night was. Also, Miami is home to a ton of paint-party like 5ks that help raise money for different causes and they all end the same way: some sort of color powder or paint is thrown at you and your friends as you all dance the night away with a DJ and lots of colorful lights. Then again, where else are you going to get that experience that’s free and only in walking distance?

words_alina zerpa. photos_hurricane productions.

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