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Why is SEO Important for Business 2018

It’s 2018 and you’ve heard this three letter acronym one too many times: SEO. You keep wondering what it is and why is SEO important for business. This popular three letter acronym means Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Still doesn’t make sense, I know.

To use SEO means to increase the quantity and quality of traffic coming to your website through organic search engine results (as opposed to paying for it through advertisements). SEO is so important, in fact, that it works well for most businesses – that could be you too! Imagine having a steady flow of traffic and customers coming to your site only because you strategically placed titles and keywords throughout your website. How great!

So how does SEO impact your business, regardless if it’s big or small? Here are a few reasons about why SEO is important for business in 2018.

It's Easy to Start

While the acronym and definition behind it might seem daunting, even the simplest of SEO practices are easy and start working right away. Using this practice, and understanding why SEO is important for business in 2018, is necessary to create online exposure for your content and creating easy habits will start generating traffic to your website, one of the many reason about why is SEO important for business in 2018.

So how do you do it? Start by changing your titles and meta descriptions to include your target keywords. For example, if your content is all about the best kinds of coffee there is in Seattle, make sure to include the phrase “Best Seattle Coffee” in your titles, meta description, and even in the content itself. This way, when someone is looking for the best coffee in Seattle, your website and it's contents comes up first.

Another way to optimize your website for SEO is to keep your coding as clean as possible. That way, the search engines can find your tags, titles, and keywords fastest.

Help Your Audience Find You

Before using SEO, narrow down your target audience. Different age groups, genders, even geographic locations will mean that your audience will react differently to the internet. Narrow that down, and it’ll make SEO a lot easier.

Understanding why SEO is important for business in 2018 is useful to help your audience find you, and you your target audience, because of its seamless relationship with search engines. For example, inputting SEO keywords into your article, such as “trips to Hawaii” means that an adult inputting “trips to Hawaii” in a search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, will be more likely to find your article. Inputting phrases or keywords is like serving a plate of food to your friends – you know what they want, just have it ready for them for when they’re hungry.

You Save Money
Whether you’re a start-up business or one that is already successful, it never hurts to save some money. Being able to understand why SEO is important for business in 2018 is one of the ways to save money. Inputting SEO practices into the content of your website, like blogs, blog titles, picture captions, etc., starts letting search engines know that if a user searches for “best fashion tips in 2018,” your content should come up first. This creates organic traffic – someone was just looking for fashion tips that your article repeatedly mentioned and you did not have to pay for them to come to your website. By using SEO, you will naturally get visitors come to your website without having to pay search engines for advertisements. This can come incredibly handy if you are a brand new website and wants to start driving traffic towards your content.
It's All About Relevance and Authority

We’ve thrown enough fancy words and definitions at you, so here are two that will explain why SEO is important for business: Relevance and Authority.

Your relevance is how appropriate your content is for any incoming questions a search engine has. Your authority is how trustworthy Google thinks your site is; we know, it sounds scary. Google categorizes your content as trustworthy by internal links, mentions, its high-quality content, and analytics. In normal terms: is there good stuff on your website, are people enjoying it and mentioning it, do people regularly visit your website for a certain amount of time?

Call It: Unconventional Marketing

Search engines like Google determines if your website is good enough to be pulled up first in their searches by a few qualifications. One of them is if people are mentioning your links in their website. For example, if your website has the ‘best shoe styles for the summer’ and another blogger links one of your recommendations into their article, Google will know that your content is worth something. A simple hyperlink on another person’s website lets search engines know that other users are talking about your content, and so it should pull up your website first when people search for ‘best shoe styles for the summer.’ Not only are you getting free publicity by being mentioned in another article, but you also have another blogger or content creator that’s enjoying your subject matter. The best way to repay the favor is to link out to their content as well and boom! You have an online connection you didn’t know you could make. All because you optimized your SEO and got yourself noticed by other members of the online community.

Get a Google My Business Listing
If you haven’t done so already, make sure you get a Google My Business Listing for one of the best kinds of outreach you can have with your customers. Claiming and verifying your business’s listing can make sure you have more control about how customers see you. Optimizing your Google My Business Listing can increase the chances that someone finds your business or website when they’re looking for something online.
Let Us Handle Your Business SEO

Does SEO seem overwhelming? Still don’t understand why SEO is important for business? If you need help on jump starting your way into SEO practices, Perfectly Optimized knows the best way to transport your content into your customer’s screens. Whether you have your branding ready to go and just need to incorporate SEO, or need help starting everything from the ground up, Perfectly Optimized specializes in helping you make the most out of their product. From looking at your competitors to pinpointing the best SEO opportunities for you, Perfectly Optimized will perfectly optimize your website to make it successful!

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