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Homecoming For Dummies

It’s the beginning of the year and classes are starting to pick up. Everyone is buzzing about football season starting on Saturday while simultaneously already losing sleep over homework and quizzes. In the midst of it all, a magical word appears: Homecoming. No, it’s not like high school. It’s so much better.

So what exactly is Homecoming? What’s all this buzz about?

In it’s simplest terms, Homecoming is a week that the University of Miami dedicates to spreading spirit around campus, as well as reinforcing traditions that are engrained in its history. Aside from the beauty of seeing alumni return for the football game (which will be against Pittsburgh this time around), there is also a competition aspect to Homecoming. Throughout the week, different events give organizations the opportunity to battle it out and the winners are announced during the football game.

Why participate?

Honestly, just because it’s a ton of fun. There’s nothing joining an organization and spending hours practicing choreographies or painting a float to stroll down during the Parade. It’s also the one week that many students attribute as the first time they felt like they were really at home here at the University of Miami.

Who is the Homecoming Executive Committee!

Glad you asked! They are the ones who have been planning this one week for months. While organizations and individuals get hyped for Homecoming in the Fall, HEC has been hard at work for almost a year in advance to make sure this is the greatest week of your life! (Also, there’s usually ice cream involved)

Onto the fun stuff! What does one do during Homecoming?!?!?!

Theme: The theme this year is “Make Your Move”. While it may mean nothing to you now, you’ll see this plastered all over campus and it is what all the events during Homecoming are centered around. Check out this year’s theme reveal video.

Opening Ceremonies: Essentially, it’s a grand start to the rest of the week. Intimidating people in black robes with a giant bell start us all off (ODK, looking at you) and there’s a lot of cheering as head onto…

Alma Mater: This is basically a two-part event; you’ve got your preliminary round at the start of Homecoming and then the finals later on during the week. You’ll get to see different organizations sing it out as they not only sing the UM Alma Mater (which if you haven’t memorized it yet, you’re slacking kid) but combine different songs afterwards and UM-ify all of them. Seriously, come hear people do their best at singing about Sebastian, it gets pretty funny.

Hurricanes Help the Hometown: Would it really be a UM week if there isn’t service and free food involved? They’ve got breakfast and lunch for you as you go spread some goodness throughout Miami.

Spirit Tree Competition: OK THIS ONE’S REALLY CUTE. Ever noticed that little tree on your way to class to Dooly-Memorial? Yeah that’s an actual orange tree and Homecoming gets to decorate it with cute little ornaments. We’re also surprised it can actually hold all that weight.

Spirit Day: A grand ‘ol time with, you guessed it, free food! Literally all about spirit, if you couldn’t tell by the name.

King & Queen Pageant: Ok so this is kind of like high school. The prince, princess, queen and king of Homecoming get their own float during parade and fancy crowns! Hilarious skits are performed and you’ll be surprised with the one-of-a-kind and incredibly talented skills the participants show off for the crowds. #GoCanes

Organized Cheer Competition: PLOT TWIST: It’s not actual cheer! Organizations battle it out on stage in hilarious, seven minute skits where someone always ends up dressing up like the other school’s mascot (poor thing) but Sebastian always reigns supreme because, duh.

Homecoming Concert: Hurricane Productions takes over this and brings us the best possible show on earth – last year we had T-Pain and Waka Flocka Flame. ~drops mic~

Homecoming Parade & Hurricane Howl: Easily the most packed event though the week where students and alumni alike join for food trucks, rides and games for the little Canes in the families, the coolest parade on the block and then topped off by an incredible fireworks show. Gather with your friends and family around the lake and cry of happiness that the week of exhaustion is almost over about the fact that you’re a Miami Hurricane. TIP: Seniors will cry. Bring them tissues.

Miami v. Pittsburgh: FOOTBALL. Enough said.

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