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Why SEC Tailgating Will Never Visit Miami

Hard Rock Stadium has rocked our world with a certain policy that is changing how the University of Miami tailgates. Administration is banning explicit music and DJs from UM tailgates, subtly targeting the rowdiness of the Cash Lots where the fraternities set up camp and enjoy game day.

They are encouraging UM to shift towards an SEC-style of tailgating. At a school where that’s never happened, what does that even mean? Here are the five reasons why it would never take off here in South Miami.


1. Everyone looks nice. There is a certain type of fashion worn at UM tailgates and dresses with cowboy boots is not one of them. With the grass and dirt outside Hard Rock, why would anyone want to get their nice shoes dirty? Besides getting your white converse black with dirt, have we forgotten how hot it is? Girls wear sports bras, shorts and long shirts made into dresses. Guys sometimes hang out shirtless. Are we really about to wear makeup, do our hair and look nice in 1000000 degree weather? I think not.

2. Frat houses, on-campus stadium. A big part of SEC tailgating is that students wake up, get nice and walk outside to see campus transformed for game day. They go to a frat house to calmly get ready for the game, then head over to arrive at their football stadium just a few feet away. Here in South Florida, we unfortunately have to drive 45 minutes to get to our stadium to even start tailgating. The closest thing to a frat house in Hard Rock is the pickup truck that hoists the frat’s flag.

3. They’re so classy (refer to #1). SEC tailgating means each SEC school has their own set of traditions when it comes to tailgating. For example, Ole Miss features a few chandeliers in their tents and you can even rent one for game day. They serve their cooked food on silver platters and really take on the meaning of ‘southern hospitality.’

4. Saving spots for tents. Since SEC tailgating usually happens on campus, there is a hurry to reserve spots to prop up tents for all of game day. This sometimes means that the festivities begin on Friday. This would never work at Hard Rock because where would everyone’s cars go? *cough cough we should have our own stadium at UM cough cough*

5. Where would our music go? The University of Miami prides itself on its range of music played at tailgates. Whether it’s hip-hop, EDM or reggaeton, it’s not difficult to find people dancing on the streets of Hard Rock Stadium. With that gone and an implementation of this southern-style, classy looking tailgating, where’s the liveliness of what makes up a UM tailgate?

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