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Say Hello to our Summer Interns

“How many of you have cruised with us before?” asked Richard Fain.

Almost every summer intern in the room raised their hands, looking around the room.

“You know that’s not a prerequisite to this internship, right?”

On Monday, June 4, we welcomed 90 of the newest members to the RCL family. Out of more than 60,000 applicants, these select few students and recent graduates will have the chance to experience 10 weeks of real-world experience at the Port of Miami, Miramar, Weston, and the Production Studio at FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus.

The program will allow interns to get involved not just in their departments, but outside the office as well. With events such as ship tours and their very own Give Day, interns will see there is more to Royal than the work they’re doing on their laptops.

During their time here, the interns will also hear from individuals such as Jason Liberty, EVP Chief Financial Officer, and Vicki Freed, Senior Vice President of Sales.

What a treat it was that on their very first day, they were able to meet and chat with Richard.

“The internship program is one of the most important and successful programs we have here,” he said. “We are always trying to bring in new people that aren’t bound by the ‘we have always done this a certain way’ mentality.”

His advice to them was to always keep a fresh eye on things and explained that the company mantra is the idea of ‘continuous improvement’ – to keep pushing the threshold and be better.

Interns were also able to speak to previous interns who now have a full-time position at the company: Daniel Harbus (’15), SR Analyst Revenue Management, Melanie Epstein (’16), Investor Relations, and Emily Rodriguez (’17), Account Executive for Marketing.

Together, the three program alums advised the new class to dive into their work, always carry pen and paper, accept that you won’t know everything, and ask for business cards from the individuals they meet.

The day finished with a lesson from Helen O’Connell, Director of Corporate Responsibility, to learn about partnerships like the World Wildlife Foundation and United Way. Interns will even get to have their very own G.I.V.E. Day.

For the next 10 weeks, the interns look forward to a time of hard work and a boatload of curiosity.

“Enjoy your time here,” said Richard. “I hope it is as good for you as it is for us.”

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