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African Adventures: Fountain of Youth

Tuesday - July 18, 2017 Today's adventure involved a swing, a few rocks and warm water. We traveled an hour and a half to go to the Moto Maji, hot springs, here in Tanzania. The water was cold for my taste but it'd get warm every now and then. My Miami is showing. 

Tons of tourists had the same thought process that we did because the hot springs were packed with people from all over: Japanese, German, Chinese, Russian. The locals had an inflatable that everyone was using. I almost hit a guy from swinging on the rope but instead of falling when I should have (and not crushing his entire existence) I tried to push myself off the rocks a second time to get another swing and instead absolutely ate it :) She's beauty, she's grace... Fish kept on touching people's legs but I guess I wasn't yummy enough for them because they didn't bother me. We found a hidden area of the hot springs that was fully exposed to the sun and a much larger body of water. It was so relaxing to float a bit but because they're kind of deep, we all got tired of treading. I've worked out more here than I ever have at home. Again, this place is beautiful. On the way back on our super bumpy, concussion-inducing ride back home, we kept stopping. A few times we stopped to take pictures of Mount Kilimanjaro, which was fully exposed in all its beauty. Another time we were forced to stop due to cattle traffic. Four little kids herding about 50 cattle got excited to give us high fives. 

With no electricity at the hostel, we all hung out and got our bags ready for our upcoming home stay. The generator in the kitchen meant a lit up dinner but also the only place with light for most of the night. When the electricity did come back, the wifi disappeared because the owner hadn't paid the bill yet. Friends, I promise I'm alive! 

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